Thursdays | 6.30 – 7.45pm | Windsor Community Precinct, Riverside
Class Fee: $12. Drop-in any week
These classes offer simple, practical methods to improve the quality of our life and develop inner peace through meditation and Buddhist teachings. Each class consists of two guided meditations and a teaching on the topic. Everybody welcome.

Buddhism: A Philosophy to Live by
May 27, 3 & 10 Jun

Buddhism is all about being happy and not suffering. But how can we be happy in every moment as we go about our daily life? This is entirely possible if we take the profound yet practical teachings of Buddhism and apply them to every situation. By learning how to keep our mind happy in each situation we will improve our life for the better. Topics covered on this course:

  • Why the principles of Buddhism are so applicable to the modern world
  • What Buddhism says about happiness and the mind
  • A general introduction to the essential teachings of Buddhism
  • How to be a happy person even though you are a busy person
  • Using meditation as a tool for change


Freedom from Craving
Jun 17, 24 & 1 Jul

Are you completely satisfied? If we’re honest, most of us would have to say we’re not! We’re constantly craving – a new phone, a new partner, a nicer house, a better job – or just some peace and quiet. Buddha explained this is because we lack inner peace and happiness, so we’re constantly seeking something, or someone, to fill the gap in our hearts. This uncontrolled desire causes us so much unhappiness, anxiety, relationship difficulties and addiction problems; it’s the root of all our suffering.

Learn how to overcome uncontrolled desires and let go of your constant craving through simple but powerful meditation techniques and find lasting inner peace and happiness.

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Meditation in 3 Easy Steps
Jul 8, 15 & 22
Meditation is a tool for happiness. Learn simple and effective meditation techniques that will enable you to enjoy a calm, spacious and relaxed mental environment. Topics covered on this course:

  • Using meditation to improve your daily happiness
  • The what, why and how of meditation
  • The art of meditation and how to start meditating like a pro
  • Simple and easy meditations you can start practising right now

    The Teacher

    The Teacher of these classes is Diana Waterhouse, the Resident Teacher of Samudra Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Tasmania. With over 15 years’ experience in meditation, Diana explains Buddha’s teachings with warmth and clarity, showing how we can easily integrate them into our daily life to make our life more happy, peaceful and meaningful.

    The Venue

    Windsor Community Precinct, 1 Riverside Drive,

    Class Fee: $12

    There is no need to book or bring anything
    Drop-in any week

    Please note that all our classes follow covid-safe procedures.
    Please do not attend if:

    • You have any COVID symptom (in particular coughing, sore throat, fever or shortness of breath).
    • If you are awaiting COVID test results.
    • If you or a close contact have been diagnosed with COVID within the last 14 days.

    By attending these classes, you have read and understood our covid-safe procedures which can be found here.

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    phone: 0466 336 772