Gen Kelsang DornyingGen Kelsang Dornying

Gen Kelsang Dornying is the Resident Teacher of both Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia and Kadampa Meditation Centre Melbourne. He has been teaching Kadam Dharma in Australia for over 14 years. He is an inspiring and light-hearted teacher of modern Buddhism who makes Buddha’s teachings clear, accessible and applicable to modern life.

Gen Dornying teaches events and classes in Melbourne, Alice Springs, Darwin and Tasmania, as well as other talks and retreats worldwide. The weekly drop-in classes in Tasmania are audio recordings of his weekly teachings given in Melbourne.


Sarah BissellA Qualified Resident Teacher for Tasmania

Classes and courses have been incredibly popular right across Tasmania, and interest continues to grow year by year.  In order for the teachings of modern Buddhism to continue to flourish far into the future, it is essential that teachers and centres appear.

To this end we have some great news for Tasmania. Starting Early 2018, Tassie local and Kadampa teacher Sarah Bissell, will head over to the Mother Centre for Kadampa Buddhism in the UK to begin intensive Resident Teacher training. The course will include 6 months of study, examination and teaching assessment.

About Sarah

Sarah is already well-loved in Tasmania. She teaches with warmth and gentleness, and clearly demonstrates how Buddha’s teachings provide solutions to the problems and difficulties of modern day life.  All who know Sarah are inspired by the genuine love she has for all those around her, and her ability to integrate the teachings of Buddhism into every aspect of life.

What Next?

Sarah will return to Tasmania in September 2018 as a fully qualified Resident Teacher of the New Kadampa Tradition of Buddhism.

This is an amazing development for modern Buddhism in Tasmania, and Australia as a whole. Sarah and all the Tassie Kadampa community will then begin an exciting project to establish a place of refuge for all Tasmanians – a Kadampa Buddhist Centre.  Hopefully the first of many!