Overcoming Loneliness | Online Class
Sun Jun 12 & 19 | 3-4pm

Class Fee: $10.
Classes run for 1 hour and go live on Sundays at 3pm
After they go live, classes are available to view for a period of 48 hrs

WE ALL FEEL LONELY ON OCCASION. It’s part of the human condition.  Even for the happiest person, loneliness can show up from time to time.

WE CAN FEEL LONELY in a crowd, by ourselves or with our partner (during one of those inevitable difficult stretches). We can feel lonely, isolated and separated from others in almost any situation and at any time.

THE IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER, however is that loneliness is a function of the mind. By understanding the causes of loneliness and the psychological processes that give rise to it, it is possible to reduce and finally overcome loneliness completely.

AT THIS TWO WEEK SERIES OF ONLINE CLASSES, Buddhist Teacher Diana Waterhouse will give simple and practical teachings on how to view feelings of loneliness in a fresh light. In particular, by increasing our wisdom we can learn to see through the illusion of loneliness and come to enjoy true mental peace.

Booking Information:

$10. Booking required.

Each class runs for 1 hour and is available for viewing at the following times and can be viewed for a period of 48 hrs after the link goes live.

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