Wednesdays | 6.30 – 7.45pm | Paranaple Centre, 137 Rooke St Devonport

Class Fee: $12. Drop-in any week

These classes offer simple, practical methods to improve the quality of our life and develop inner peace through meditation and Buddhist teachings. Each class consists of two guided meditations and a teaching on the topic.
Everybody welcome!

The Habits of Happy People
Jan 27, Feb 3 & 10
Learn the essential habits of happy people and discover how to lead a positive, meaningful life full of happiness and joy. Topics covered in this series:

  • What are mental habit patterns & how to change them
  • How to cultivate our own source of happiness from within
  • The transformative power of love
  • Key positive mental habits and how to cultivate them
The Secrets of Self-Confidence
Feb 17 & 24, Mar 3                       
Overcome limiting and self-critical attitudes, connect with your potential for deep self-transformation and enjoy true-self-confidence. Topics covered in this series:

  • How to have a healthy relationship with your faults
  • What drives our self-confidence issues
  • The essential secrets of a self-confident person
  • How to like the person that we are
How Our Mind Works
Mar 10, 17, 24 & 31
Discover the inner workings of your own mind. By understanding how our mind works we can harness its power to create happiness in every moment. Topics covered in this series:

  • The vast & boundless nature of your mind
  • Understanding the different levels of mind
  • How your mind creates you reality
  • How to gain deep spiritual insights through harnessing the power of your mind
Overcoming Anxiety
April 14, 21 & 28
Learn practical methods to reduce anxiety and worry. Transcend painful emotions and come to enjoy mental peace. Topics covered in this series:

  • The relationship between anxiety & our mind
  • Identifying the internal mental causes of anxiety in our own mind
  • Simple methods to reduce feelings of anxiety, worry and stress
  • How to use meditation to create a comfortable mental environment

The Teacher

The Teacher of these classes is Sarah Bissell. Sarah teaches with warmth and  gentleness. She clearly demonstrates how Buddha’s teachings provide solutions to our problems and difficulties, and exemplifies how everyone can integrate the path of loving kindness into their modern lives.

The Venue
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Quoiba Room, Paranaple Centre, 137 Rooke Street, Devonport

Class fee: $12

There is no need to book or bring anything
Drop-in any week

Please note that all our classes follow covid-safe procedures.
Please do not attend if:

  • You have any COVID symptom (in particular coughing, sore throat, fever or shortness of breath).
  • If you are awaiting COVID test results.
  • If you or a close contact have been diagnosed with COVID within the last 14 days.

By attending these classes you have read and understood our covid-safe procedures which can be found here.

For enquiries:
phone: 0466 336 772